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Wallpaper by Arthouse

Arthouse Ltd is committed to providing products and services that satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. We shall do this through a process of continuous improvement and the pursuit of best practices in all that we do, while still meeting the requirements of the business and ensuring its future prosperity.

Rasch's wallpaper

The brand has always stood for high quality, sophisticated design, and a constant pursuit of the latest technologies and developments in the art of wallpaper. Standing still means falling behind, as new trends are born across the globe several times a year. Taking account of these trends while also setting its own has long been a tried and trusted approach for this family company. In order to convey and simplify trends, the Rasch brand has packaged them in easy-to-grasp style concepts.

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Featuring silhouettes of tree branches, calming leaves, and wildflowers, these designs showcase nature's enduring beauty flourishing and unapologetically repossessing the man-made world.

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